If you are looking for screen replacement to replace your MacBook Pro display assembly, there are few places to find good quality and lower cost screen replacements.

Before you decided which screen to buy, you need to determine the exact model of your Apple MacBook Pro. From our experience, about 70% of people are not exactly sure what is the exact model of their MacBook Pro. 

So it is better to be sure and not order the wrong screen and then have to deal with returning the screen, paying shipping and restocking fees and then having to wait again to buy and receive another screen. 

How To Find Your MacBook Pro Model and Year:

  • Turn your MacBook Pro over and look on the bottom where the screws are.
  •  On the metal plate you will find some small writings as you can see in the image below.
How To Locate MacBook Pro Serial Number
  • Write down the serial number and to the the following website https://checkcoverage.apple.com/
  •  Type in the serial number in the field, type the code and click continue. 
  • Apple website will provide you with the MacBook version, screen size and year model. 

Now that you have the actual model number of your MacBook, you can look below and find where you can find the screen replacement. 

Where to buy screen replacement for Apple MacBook Pro 13" Late 2013 year model.

Below are links to online store sites where you can find and buy this display assembly screen replacement. 

– Click here to buy this screen Amazon 

– Click here to buy this screen From Aliexpress

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