What You Need to Know About YouTube iPad and iPhone Repair Videos

YouTube iPad Repair Videos Can Cost You and Create More Problems.

Every day thousands of people break their iPad and iPhone screens and then ponder how to get it fixed. Many turn to YouTube videos for the DIY (Do it Yourself) option. There hundreds of videos on YouTube that show how to remove and replace your broken and cracked iPad or iPhone screen. Most of these videos are usually made by experienced technicians that have repaired hundreds or thousands of iPads and iPhones in their lifetime.

Here Are Some of The Things They Don’t Tell You on DIY iPad Repair Videos on YouTube:

  • Most videos will not tell you the location of all the sensitive areas where you can easily damage the internal parts of your iPhone and iPad.
  • Many provide some insight on what tools to use to repair your Apple device but in most cases these tools (the good ones) are not shown or are hard to find

In most cases if the person fixing the iPad is experienced, they will be using the right tools which are not the type of tools you will be having in your house. Another problem is the abundant of cheap and low quality iPad replacements parts in the market. The novice user will not know the difference between a high quality and low quality aftermarket parts.



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