iPad 6 (9.7″ A1893 model) was released in 2018. The digitizer touch screen and LCD screen are not compatible with any previous iPad models including iPad 5 which was released in 2017 or iPad Air 1st Generation which was released in 2013.

Apple has never failed to cause major confusion when it comes to naming their iPad product line. For example, iPad 2 which is also known as iPad 2nd Generation is constantly mistaken with iPad Air 2. iPad Air 1st Generation is which is also known as iPad 5th Generation is always confused with iPad 5 that was released in 2017 and now iPad 6 which was released in 2018 is being confused with iPad Air 2nd Generation. 

On their website they just refer to iPad 6 as iPad or iPad 9.7″. The issue here is that many other iPad models are also have a 9.7″ display so how is this suppose to help anyone if they are trying to figure out what iPad model they have and what accessories or part will be compatible with this model? 

Why iPad 6 touchscreen glass is not compatible with older iPad 5 or iPad Air 1st Generation?  

The main reason is the position of the two connection on the logic-board.

These are the shape of connections for iPad 5 which will also work with iPad Air 1st Generation:


These are the shape of digitizer connections for iPad 6. As you can see, one of the connectors on iPad 5 is in L shape. But both connections on iPad 6 are straight. 


Why the LCD screen on iPad 6 is not compatible with iPad 5 or iPad Air 1st Generation? 

iPad 6 LCD screen looks exactly like iPad 5 or iPad Air 1st Generation screen, however, the technology used to manufacture this screen is not compatible with the older iPads and it will not work if you install it.




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