Problems With iPad 2 Wifi Antenna

We have been repairing iPad 2nd Generation more than any other iPad models since Apple released it on April, 2010. One of the biggest problems we faced when we started fixing them was the issue with the wifi antenna. In our opinion, the design of the iPad 2 antenna was faulty and it was poorly designed. Since this was the first time Apple was using adhesive to glue the digitizer to the housing, they decided to glue everything that was loose underneath the touchscreen glass. This included the ribbons for volume and on/off button, the celluar and blue tooth antenna plus the wifi antenna.

In iPad 2nd Generation, the Wi-Fi antenna was glued from inside to the touchscreen glass. In our opinion, this was totally unnecessary and didn’t server any purpose. The antenna was already screwed to the housing frame with four screws that held the antenna in place and to the housing.

The biggest problem with this occurred when someone broke the glass. If the touchscreen glass broke on top of the Wi-Fi antenna, it would either cut into it or damage the fragile surface. Another problem is when someone is trying to replace and repair the broken iPad touchscreen glass. It is very easy to rip the antenna away from the screws that holds it in place. This is due to the poor design of the antenna by Apple. Even if the antenna wasn’t damaged before or during repair, in many cases, the wifi connectivity started to suffer greatly after the repair process.

In many cases the antenna just stops working even if the iPad was never damaged or repaired. We never understood the reason why this happened. Since the wifi antenna doesn’t have any moving parts or liquids build into it. So why would it just stop working for no reason. We are still trying to find a reason for this issue.

Normal iPad 2 Wi-Fi Antenna with no damage


Damaged iPad 2 Wi-Fi Antenna

Currently the only way to fix the antenna is to replace it with a new one.

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