Please be aware, not all iPhone repair shops repair and replace your iPhone screen the correct way.

Here are some very important information that you need to know before having your iPhone screen repaired by a repair shop. This information can save you money and headaches in near future.

May iPhone repair services use a technique called (screen flipping) which is a very low quality and poor way of repairing your expensive iPhone. Here is how they do it.

Your iPhone display is compromised of two separate parts. First part is the outer glass that you can physically touch by your fingers. The second part is the LCD screen that is located underneath the glass. These two parts are fused together during the manufacturing of your iPhone in the factory.

In many cases, these shops remove a damaged iPhone display from an iPhone that they repaired before yours, and use a machine to ONLY remove the outer glass. Then they glue a low quality $6.00 glass to the top of the old LCD and use this part to repair your iPhone display screen. Then they do the same process with your broken iPhone screen and use it on the next customer that has a broken screen.

iPhone Glass

So Why Is This Bad and Can Cause Many Problems For Your iPhone?

When iPhone repair shops replace your iPhone screen in this manner, you will be getting an old used and refurbished part instead of a new one. Also, since the repair was done in a cheap and incorrect manner, your iPhone touch function can and will fail in a short time or the top glass screen will start to separate from the LCD underneath because it was glued on.

How Can You Tell If the iPhone Repair Shop Is Using This Technique Before You Use Them?

The answer is their warranty and sometimes a very low repair rate. If they give you a 1 month, 3 months or 6 month warranty, you can almost be sure that they are screen flipping. A good reputable shop that uses brand new iPhone display screen should give a 1 year warranty. Also, as they saying goes, you get what you paid for. If someone is charging way below average repair cost, then they are cutting corners and doing something wrong. The cost of parts for a low quality repair shop to replace only the glass on a used LCD display is around $6.00. The cost of part for a good repair shop to use a brand new original iPhone display (glass and LCD) is around $75.00 to $95.00. So you can put two and two together and figure out why these low quality shops can undercut reputable repair shops and provide you with short risky repair warranty.

iPhone repair businesses with bad and low quality services give you a short term warranty because they know their parts will fail shortly after repair so they will not backup their work.

We will never repair your iPhone screen this way. We will replace the entire display with a brand new and original display (LCD and glass) but we will still charge you similar repair rates as the shops that only replace the outer glass of your iPhone. We do not believe in cutting corners for more profit. We believe in good service and word of mouth advertising.

Whole iPhone Display Glass and LCD

So when you have a broken iPhone screen, always make sure that the repair facility replaces your entire display (LCD and Glass) and not just the glass screen. Always watch for short term warranties and low suspicious repair rates. Even if you have to pay a little more, it will keep you away from paying a lot more later to have the whole display replaced again or from seeing your iPhone completely fail due to bad repair.

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